Site Name Selection


Selecting your "Site Name" is one of the things you will be asked for when you create your account during registration.

This site name is very important, since it will be used to identify your specific account in future. All of your staff and users will use this Site Name as part of the URL they use to reference the knowledge base system, and this Site Name cannot easily be changed.

Specifically, this name will become your account's subdomain, meaning it will precede in web references, so if your company name is "Mary's Bakery", you might choose marys or marysbakery, which would mean future access to your account for your staff and visitors would be:


...these are just examples, but hopefully you understand how this Site Name is used, so please choose yours carefully. Typically, you'll select your company name or team name when choosing the Site Name.

Note that as with any URL, or Internet address, you cannot use punctuation and the name should be in lowercase letters.

Ideally, you should use an easy to remember Site Name, so that your users will know what it is. Again, this is often your company or team name, since your knowledge base may (and should) become part of your corporate identity.

If you find that the selection you have made is wrong after you've created your account, please contact our support team to see if they can assist, however changing Site Names is not trivial and if a name is already taken, then a change may not be possible.

In the event of any dispute over ownership of a subdomain, we reserve the right to permit the first registration to persist, however we will make good faith efforts to address any copyright or corporate identity issues that arise, but our goal is not to become entangled in such disputes. Contact our support team if you need specific assistance with this.