Article Links


Article links, as described briefly in the Full Featured Editor article are a great way to allow users navigate easily through your knowledge base.

Clicking on the Insert Anchor icon on the editor toolbar will open a dialog box with several options, including the one to create an article link.

As you can see from this image, as soon as you start typing the name of an article, it will search for possible title matches, so that you can more easily select the correct one.

These Article Links are shown inline withing your text and provide an easy way for your readers to move around without needing to search for other articles themselves. Note that typically article links don't link to the current document, since you're already here, and only lists titles in the search results that you have access to.

Open in New Window

Both Article Reference Links and External Links (described below) have an additional checkbox option, to "open in new window". This option determine whether the browser opens the selected reference page in the browser window (or tab) that you are using, or if it opens a new window (tab) in which to open the reference.

Which is these you select is often a personal preference, however when referring to other links, be mindful of readers who want to continue reading the current article after they have reviewed the reference link. If you open the reference in the same window, this may be more challenging.

External Links

External links are links that are outside of the current application, or elsewhere on the Internet.

You can create these whenever needed in order to reference something that might be of interest to the reader, such as a Wikipedia reference to something being described in the article, or any other site you choose.

Select the External tab at the top when referencing external web pages, then type in the URL that the link should redirect to, when clicked. The Text to display option allows you to specify what text should appear in your article to represent this link. It can either be the URL ( in this example) or some text to describe what the link relates to.

Again, the Open in new window option specifies whether the referenced page will be opened in the current browser window, or in a new one.

Anchor Links

These are links to references on the current page. An anchor link to a heading or a paragraph is a special, hidden link that can be used as a reference point to guide the browser to a particular section of a page, rather than opening an article and displaying the very top of it. Sometimes it is nice to have the browser automatically scroll down to one of these anchor links whenever it opens a page.