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Creating and editing articles is one of the primary reasons for using GoGoWorx for Knowledge Management. This means that editing should be very easy, providing Content Editors easy access to the editor's options to style and edit articles.

See User Roles for details about Content Editors.

When creating or editing an article, you will see the main editor page, with its editing toolbar that contains a number of options to help make life easier when working with articles.

Style The style button is used to select the style of the selected text from a number of predefined options.

Bold Toggles the boldness setting of the selected text

Italics Toggles the Italics option for the selected text

Underline Toggles the Underline option for the selected text

Remove Font Style Removes the currently applied font style from the selected text

Strikethrough Toggles the Strikethough setting for the selected text

Superscript Toggles the Superscript this setting for the selected text

Subscript Toggles the Subscript this setting for the selected text

Font Family Choose from several predefined fonts to apply to the selected text

Font Size Controls the font size of the selected text

Recent / More Color Use this to change the foreground or background colors of the selected text. Once you have chosen a foreground/background combination, you can simply click this button again to apply the same colors to different text that you select

Unordered List

Allows you to define an unordered list of items

  • first item
  • second item
  • third item

Ordered List

Allows you to define an ordered (numbered) list of items

  1. first item
  2. second item
  3. third item

Paragraph Style

Controls the alignment and indentation of the current paragraph. Clicking on this button exposes the options available:

Line Height This controls the height or line-spacing of the current line, allowing you finer control over the layout and spacing of text

Insert Snippet Displays the Insert Snippet dialog window, from where you can select from a number of predefined 'snippets' containing useful elements to use in your articles.

Insert Anchor Allows the insertion or editing of an "anchor". This can be a reference to some location on the page (an anchor), or a reference to some other web page, or another article in your account. When using the Article Link option, start typing the name of the article you wish to link to and the helper will search for matching article names for you.

Picture Insert a picture using this button, by either selecting a file on your local machine or selecting an image elsewhere on the Internet. Note that while editing, you can also drag and drop images into the editor to automatically copy them into the content.

Video Use this to embed videos into your articles. These can be references to YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, DailyMotion or YouKu hosted videos.

Table This tool allows you to easily insert a table (such as this one) into your content. You can select the initial height and width of the cells you think you will need and it will be created at that size. You can add or remove rows and columns later if needed by clicking on the table.

Horizontal Rule This option inserts a simple horizontal rule into the editor, which can be helpful when laying out or breaking up content

Code View This is an option for advanced users to toggle between WYSIWYG content and the raw HTML that is generated behind the document. This gives much finer control over how elements are displayed and laid out, however requires knowledge of HTML and possibly CSS styling in order to use effectively.

When editing, you can also paste content into the editor area to insert into your content. This can be text, images or content from other applications, however note that the formatting of some applications may be unpredictable, so be sure to save your work before attempting to paste anything unusual.

You can use the undo ( Ctrl + Z on Windows, or Cmd + Z on MacOS) type shortcuts with working with the editor to undo your last edit.

Related Articles

The Related Articles tab at the top of the editor window allows you to specify other articles that may be related to the current one, or that may be of interest to anyone reading the current article.

Any articles selected as related will be displayed at the bottom of the article page when readers see it.


You can attach a number of documents, images or other files to an article. See the Adding Attachments article for more details.


The advances tab at the top of the editor window is designed to allow administrative access to deeper, behind the scenes settings for an article, such as the number of votes it has received or the number of views it has received if these ever need to be reset for any reason. We recommend that these should not be changed unless there is a good reason to do so, however there is no negative impact of changing them (other than potentially skewing your metrics).