Article Templates


When viewing the Categories & Articles page, you have the option of creating a new article in the currently selected Category by clicking the Add New Article button ( )

After clicking the button, you will be shown the Select Template Dialog:

This window allows you to choose from a number of article templates, which can be used as starting points for your articles.

These templates are not designed to be complete articles, but to inspire and guide you in generating your own content.

For example, the FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions template creates a new article containing two FAQ sections, showing you how to have more than one section on a page, and also includes some hints you can follow to create more questions and answers within the sections.

If you don't require 2 sections, simply delete one of them that the template created for you. Note that you can easily do this by selecting the delete section icon shown at the top, as highlighted in red here:

Read through the text within each template as you use them, since most of the text is intended to be updated by you when editing, to match your specific needs.

If you need to add more FAQ sections, or other snippets for that matter any time you are editing, select the Insert Snippet button at the top of the editor window to display the Insert Snippet Dialog. Different blocks can be selected from the dialog window, including the FAQ block, so you can add as many of these as you need.