Adding Attachments


When authoring articles, it is possible to add attachments, which are files that can be downloaded by viewers.

For example, you may want to allow viewers to be able to download images, spreadsheets, pdf documents or any other type of files in a nicely displayed, organized way.

When creating or modifying an article, Content Editors can select the Attachments tab at the top of the edit window to see the options that allow selection and description of attachments.

New attachments can be easily dragged and dropped into the dotted rectangle area, or clicking on that same area will option a file browser option that allows you to select which files you would like to attach to the current article. You can drag and drop multiple files at once if needed.

Account administrators can select the limit on the maximum size of an attachment file (default 2 MB) as well as the permitted mime types. See the Admin Settings article for more details of how to configure these.

You can enable your own custom file types using the Attachment File Types option in Admin Settings.

Displaying Attachments

Any attachments that are associated with an article will be displayed at the bottom of the article itself.

The maximum number of attachments is also defined in Admin Settings. The default maximum number of attachments is 10.

Downloading Attachments

Viewers can simply click on the download link shown beside each of the attachments, as shown in the examples at the bottom of the Attachments article.

Be extremely careful when using file attachments to ensure no unwanted viruses or similar undesirable content is distributed to your viewers. We recommend that you always scan files prior to using them (before upload and after download).

See the Attachments article for an example of an article with attachments.