Attachments are files that have been associated with an article, allowing readers to download them. Any attachments associated with an article will be displayed at the bottom, as shown below.

See the Adding Attachments article for details on how to create and edit attachments that can be associated with articles.

These attachments can be used for a number of purposes, such as downloading sample content or reports, or perhaps additional reference material that readers may find helpful. A number of file formats may be supported, as defined by the Admin Settings options. These options also limit the file size and number of of attachments that can be defined for an article.

Downloading Attachments

Viewers can simply click on the download link shown beside each of the attachments, as shown in the examples below. After clicking, you may be asked where you could like to save the attachment, or your browser may be configured to save any attachments to a defined "download" folder.

Be extremely careful when using file attachments to ensure no unwanted viruses or similar undesirable content is distributed to your viewers. We recommend that you always scan files prior to using them (before upload and after download).