Admin Settings


The Admin Settings page provides access to changing various elements of your account, which is broken into a number of logical areas, which are described below

Only users with ADMIN role permission for the application can access this page to make changes.

Admin Lists

This is a general setting that controls the number of items displayed in various administrative pages, such as

  • Articles & Categories (Article List)
  • Users List
  • Groups List

This setting defines the number of items shown in each of these lists before pagination occurs. When pagination is in use, the selected number of items will be shown on each page. Users can then use the page selector below the list to move from page to page as needed.

Article Lists

These settings define how many items are displayed in each of these types of list.

The Favorites, Latest, Featured, Popular and Top Rated lists are shown on the main Homepage .

Publication Options

These settings determine whether new articles and categories are marked as published by default, or need to be manually published after they are written.

Editor Images

These settings control the size and types of images that can be uploaded to the editor.

Image types must be explicitly enabled here in order to be uploaded or pasted into an article.

Any articles selected that are greater than the size defined here, or do not have one of these file extensions will be rejected and a error shown to the editor.

Article File Attachments

These settings control the size, type and maximum number of file attachments that can be associated with any article

See Adding Attachments for more details.