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The homepage, or "Home" is the main landing page that users are shown when they first arrive at your knowledge base.

It is also the location of some helpful navigation links, which are explained in this article.


The general styling applied for the homepage comes from any Theme Settings that have been applied, as well as built-in system theme styling. The top of the page (the Header) and the bottom of the page (the Footer) may also be styled, either by the built-in system settings, or Custom Header or Custom Footer settings that may also have been applied.

Quick Menu

In addition to the styling and overall appearance of the page, there is a dropdown Quick-Menu button that allows users to log in, or new users to register themselves (if enabled).

Note that the Quick-Menu is context-aware, based on the currently logged in user. For example, when a staff member logs in, there are several additional options available to assist in quickly navigating to commonly accessed pages, as shown here:

On other pages, additional helpful menu options will become available in this Quick-Menu.


Beside the Quick-Menu, there is also a search box, allowing users to access the powerful Full Text Search capabilities of the system to quickly find articles they are looking for. Entering text in the search box and clicking the search icon will take users to the Search Results page, which contains a summary of matching pages, along with short snippets from those articles allowing users to see more detail before they choose which pages to open.

Categories List

There is also a tree-view representation of the Categories that have been defined. The number appearing next to the category title is the number of articles contained within that particular category.

Expanding each branch of this category list shows the articles that are assigned to each category, each of which can be clicked to open the article.

Note that clicking on a category title will take you to the category view for the one selected. This shows a more detailed list of the articles it contains, along with short snippets from the beginnings of those articles, to offer some insight to the user about their contents, before opening them.

The Category List appears in a number of different pages in the application. It always shows content appropriate for the context of the user. For example, non-logged-in users would only see publicly accessible categories and articles listed, but registered users and staff may seen more options, depending on which Groups they have been assigned to.

Article Lists

Below this, there are typically short lists containing articles that may be of interest, including the user's selected Favorite Articles , Popular Articles , Top-Rated Articles and Recent Articles .

These lists can be configured by using Admin Settings to determine the maximum number of items shown in these lists, or if the lists should be shown at all, allowing maximum flexibility over what is shown.

To remove one of these configurable lists from the homepage, set the Max setting for the lists to 0 (not shown) in Admin Settings , which will remove the list completely from the homepage, along with its title heading.