Theme Settings


CSS Themes can be applied to your account when you select one of the services that includes Customization (Pro and Enterprise Services).

This can also be used in conjunction with a Custom Header and Custom Footer to change the look and feel of your published pages as readers see them.

Assigning a Custom Favicon is another way to customize the look and feel of your site for your visitors.

There are many customization options available when creating your own CSS styles, such as control over font faces and colors to page element design too. You have the freedom to customize many aspects of the look and feel of the site to make it feel more aligned with your designed styling.

This also allows you to override the built-in styling choices we made as well as the option to have your own page headers and footers, further tailoring the design to your needs.

Without this customization, the default system styling applies, with the design choices we made. We think they are tasteful and appropriate, however if you choose to make your own style choices, then selecting an account type with customization allows you to make your own choices. This include replacing the page footer and links shown by the default footer, replaced with your own links, logos and messaging if preferred.