Custom Favicon


Favicons are the small images that appear in the tabs at the top of your browser, which is sometimes known as the favorite icon, or shortcut icon.

When you select an Account Type that enables customization, you can also specify your own custom favicon that will be shown when someone visits your GoGoWorx Knowledge Base site.

These may appear with different colored backgrounds, depending on the browser and settings used, so it's generally a good idea to select an image with this in mind, using either a fixed background color for the image, or a transparency setting applied (and alpha channel).

Within the Themes area of the dashboard, you can select the 'Custom Favicon' tab to select a new image that will be used.

You can see at the bottom whether the default (system) favicon is used, or if you have selected a custom image.

On the Edit Favicon page, you can simply drag and drop a new image into the page, or click and choose an image using the selector. Up to 5 favicons can be defined within the system, however only one may be active at any time.

If you prefer using the GoGoWorx system favicon, you can also clear your custom select at any time.

Note that only ICO and PNG files can be used as favicon images, so please ensure that your images are in one of these two formats.

Favicon Size

There appears to be much ambiguity around the recommended size of an image to use for a favicon, however commonly used sizes are 16x16 and 32x32 pixels.

If your image has a different size than this, it may be scaled by browsers. Also note that if your favicon file size is too large, this may slow down page times, so we have limited the maximum size of each favicon to 50 KB