Knowledge Management

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Knowledge Management is an often unmentioned and underrated company asset. How knowledge is stored, where it is used, how is it found, and most importantly, who has access to it.

Great Knowledge Management means organizing your knowledge. Rather than specialized personnel have segmented knowledge of products and processes, why not centralize this knowledge and share it among your team, but also with existing or prospective customers.

Since you control who can access which parts of your knowledge base when using GoGoWorx, you can easily control who sees which parts of this knowledge.

Use Cases for Knowledge Management


Providing exceptional support is key to any successful business. If your team spends all of their time answering questions or emails from your clients, then you should think about relying on a Knowledge Base to provide your users a self-service option to look for their own answers.

This means they can not only find solutions themselves, without taking time from your support personnel, but they can also access the information at any time, 24 hours a day, in any timezone, whether your service members are available or not.

Building up a rich Knowledge Base to support customers in this way is proven to boost customer appreciation and satisfaction. Remember that some users may be unwilling to call or email your support team if they don't want to take the time, or if they think the question might be viewed as simple. If they can simply find the answers themselves, they will.

According to Social Media Today , 51% of customers prefer support through an online knowledge base. That's over half of your users wanting to be able to access information themselves.

How-To Guides

Generating how-to guides, with step by step instructions, as well as references to other articles brings a new experience to your users.

In addition, you can embed videos and diagrams to make instructions easier to follow, and best of all, the content is always up-to-date, so you don't need to worry about lots of outdated documentation that may be misleading or no longer accurate.

Creating guides is as simple as writing a few notes. You can go back and add to articles later with more detail, or more diagrams if you need to. Make your customers experience richer and your support staff's lives easier by creating simple how-to guides.

Sales and Marketing

Prospective customers want to learn more about your product, whatever it is. Having a list of features and pricing options is important, but they may ask themselves about what kind of support they will receive afterwards.

Having access to a rich Knowledge Base with clear articles and answers to common or uncommon questions gives them confidence that they will have access to support after they become a customer.

Knowledge Base articles can be as technical or customer-oriented as you want. You can also organize content based on the type of users that is looking - anonymous users could see different content from registered users. You may also assign certain viewing permissions to groups of users if that makes sense.

Internal Team Knowledge Base

You internal teams also need access to shared knowledge, so internal company-wide knowledge management is also very important.

There may be procedure documents or guides that must be organized and shared among team members. Having a central location to access this is very useful, and since the content can be updated when needed, you are assuring that your team always has access to the most up-to-date versions of these documents or internal articles.

It is also easy to copy content from an internal document and create an externally visible article that your customers can see, making the documentation process smoother and less of an afterthought.

Typical Knowledge Management systems focus on productivity and have been established as a real competitive advantage when used correctly. Don't leave Knowledge Management to key personnel, who are likely to leave (with that knowledge), trust GoGoWorx to help organize and optimize your Knowledge.