Accounts Portal


Whether you want to log in, register, view your user profile or details of your accounts and services, the Accounts portal is where to go.

Open the accounts portal at: . If you are logged in already, you will be able to access the pages described below, otherwise you will need to log in, or register to create a new account.

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu for the accounts portal is shown at the top of the page. This will not display any options, only an option to log in, or lower in the page an option to sign up for an account if you are not already logged in to GoGoWorx.

Once you are logged in, depending on your account permissions (as assigned by your account administrator), you may see some of the above options. For example, if you do not have role permission, then you would not be shown the Users option displayed above - the menu is context-sensitive or customized specifically for you.

User Profile Page

The is where you can find and modify details about yourself.

User Profile Example

For more details about this page and editing your credentials, see the User Profile article.

Account Details Page

The Account Details Page is where to find information about the account you are associated with.

Account Page Example

Depending on your assigned permissions within the account, you may see more details and options as shown here. See the Account Details page for more information about options on this page.

Applications Page

The Applications Page shows GoGoWorx applications you have access to for the current account.

Sample Application Page

You may have a number of applications displayed here, or none, depending upon your account settings. See the Applications Page article for more details about this page.

User Management Page

The User Management Page ( Users on the Navigation Menu) is for staff with the role permission for the current account and allows users to be added, edited, approved or removed.

Users Page Example

See the User Management Page for more information about adding users. Also note that there is a Users page within the Knowledge Base application, which is used to assign existing users to various defined Groups . - these two pages serve different purposes and require different user role permissions to access them ( account role permission for this Users Page to create and edit users, and CONTENT_EDITOR application role permission for the Users Page assigning groups)