Applications Page


The Applications Page provides a list of currently available applications within the account you are logged into.

Access this page through the Accounts Portal (you will need to be logged in to access the page)

It is possible to enable multiple applications within a single Account

Application List

As mentioned above, this page will show a list of any applications you have available to you within the current account.

Knowledge Base Example Application

Depending on your assigned User Roles, you may see some options related to these applications, or not. Typically detailed options are only visible by staff members (users with either or account roles or either ADMIN or CONTENT_EDITOR application roles assigned to them)

The Site Name value indicates the direct link to your knowledge base site, which includes the Site Name Selection identifier prefix (before the You can click on this link as a convenient way to visit your knowledge base.

Note that only users that have the role permission may change the account type.

If you do not see any applications listed as available, and you have the role permission for the current account, you may add available applications to your account here too.

If you wish to unsubscribe from an application completely, choose the Change Account Type option above and then select the Cancel Service option shown, then confirm your choice.

Also note that different applications may have different options than those shown above, depending on which applications are available to your account.