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Accounts Portal

Whether you want to log in, register, view your user profile or details of your accounts and services, the Accounts portal is where to go. Open the accounts portal at: . If you are logged in already, you will be able to access the pages described below, otherwise you will need to log in, or register to create a new account. Navigation Menu The navigatio…

User Profile Page

Each user in the GoGoWorx system has their own User Profile, which can be accessed from the Profile link from the dropdown button shown on the navigation menu at the top-right of most pages, or by visiting the Accounts Portal . This will display your User Profile, where you can choose to edit your personal details if needed. If you change your email address using this pa…

Account Details Page

The account details page is only accessible to users logged in to the specific account. Only users with permission to edit the account or modify Payment Methods can perform operations that alter the account. This restriction is limited to the ` ACCOUNT ` role only (see User Roles for more information). You can access the Account Details Page from the Accounts Portal after you have logged …

Applications Page

The Applications Page provides a list of currently available applications within the account you are logged into. Access this page through the Accounts Portal (you will need to be logged in to access the page) It is possible to enable multiple applications within a single Account Application List As mentioned above, this page will show a list of any applications you have availab…

User Management Page

The User Management Page is restricted to users with `MANAGER` account role privileges. User List When first viewing the User Management Page, you will see a list of Users associated with the account, as well as their status as shown in the above example. Users are listed with their full name and email, as well as whether they are currently Enabled and Approved (see below) …

Accounts Portal   5 articles