User Profile Page


Each user in the GoGoWorx system has their own User Profile, which can be accessed from the Profile link from the dropdown button shown on the navigation menu at the top-right of most pages, or by visiting the Accounts Portal .

User Profile Example

This will display your User Profile, where you can choose to edit your personal details if needed.

If you change your email address using this page, then you will need to re-verify it before you are able to access your account.

Also, if you need to reset your password, click the Reset Password button shown above, which will trigger the system to send you an email containing a link from where you can find instructions on how to reset your password.

Note that if you register or sign-in using your social account (via "Sign in with Google" or "Sign in with Twitter") then you need to update your email settings within your social media account - the option to change your email address in this page will be disabled in such cases.

When viewing your profile, you will also be able to click on the Account menu option to view the Account Details Page , as shown here

Notice that on the Account Details Page you will be able to see the User Roles that you have been assigned for the current account. In the example shown above, the logged in user has the role, which means they can modify account settings (such as changing account types, or assigning payment methods), as well as the role, which means they can add or remove users and assign their permissions/roles.

In addition to Account level permissions, there are also permissions specified at the Application level as shown in the Application profile page, shown here for the Knowledge Base application/service:

In this example, the user has the ADMIN role, allowing them to modify the administrative settings of the application, as well as the CONTENT_EDITOR role, which allows them to add, edit or remove articles, categories and other content within the knowledge base application.

Note that your assigned account and application roles may be different to those shown above.