Account Details Page


The account details page is only accessible to users logged in to the specific account. Only users with permission to edit the account or modify Payment Methods can perform operations that alter the account. This restriction is limited to the role only (see User Roles for more information).

You can access the Account Details Page from the Accounts Portal after you have logged in.

Sample Account Profile

Note that the details shown here are for a fictitious account

Editing your Account Settings

Staff users must have role permission to view and edit many of these settings. Regular (non-staff) users do not see any sensitive account related information on this page

You may notice that the Account Status provides a clear indication of the current account. If payments are past due, or if the account is still within its initial trial period, this would be indicated here. An account status of "Active" means that everything is configured correctly.

The account period also shows when the next payment will become due. You can update payment options at any time by selecting the " Update Payment Options " button and providing details about which credit card to use.

You can define a number of different credit cards, then select which to use as the default payment method. You can change the default payment method (default card to use) at any time.

If accounts become past due, you should make arrangements to correct this by updating the payment options to a valid one to prevent interruption of service.

If you ever need to change your company name for the account, this can be modified at the top of the page, however changing the company name does not change the (subdomain) used in the URL used to access the account.

Other options here allow you to change the Account Type (for example when upgrading the account), View Invoices , or preview an upcoming invoice (when available).

Once you have registered a Site Name within GoGoWorx (the subdomain prefix that appears before shown above) cannot easily be changed, so please use care when selecting the Site Name. See Site Name Selection for more information.