Payment Methods


You can update your payment card options at any time by visiting the Accounts Portal  and selecting the Update Payment Options button highlighted below.

Once selected, you can edit the credit cards associate with your account to remove or add new cards and also to choose which one to make the default payment method.

Use the " Add New Card " button at the bottom to add new cards whenever you need.

Note that all of this payment information is securely stored in the Stripe system, it is never stored within the GoGoWorx servers. See our Secure Payments article for more details.

During your initial trial period, you don't need to assign any payment methods, however it is good practice to assign a default payment method in order to assure continued service for your account. You can assign a number of different payment methods and you can also specify which should be the default one to use. If a default is not specified, no payment will be processed. You can also change default payment methods at any time.