Related Articles


Sharing Related LinksNavigating information is more than simply searching to find things you are looking for. Often, it's helpful to see links to other related things, such as a link you can follow to an online article of interest.

Certainly you can create links to external articles or pages on the Internet using the link button in the editor.

Even more useful is the ability to create links to other articles within your own knowledge base. Instead of having to look up the full URL of the article you're interested in providing a link to, you can simply click the link button in the editor, select the Article option at the top, then start typing the name of the article you're interested in.

The application will automatically populate a list of matches from which to choose. You can even give the reference a meaningful name, without being restricted to the original title.

Related Articles List

In addition to placing links to articles inline within your article text, you can also select the Related Articles tab at the top of the editor to show a list that allows you to specify articles that are related to the current one.

Similar to adding inline links, you can add one or more links to other articles you think may be of interest to your readers. These may be related to a similar topic, or perhaps articles that are referenced somewhere within the text.

References you add in this list are conveniently displayed to readers below the article, as shown at the bottom of this one.

If readers don't have access to some of these related articles, or if the articles are not published, then they will not appear in the list shown.