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Why Create a Knowledge Base  

There are many articles online that describe how much time is lost in all aspects of business to simply searching for information. This goes all the way from staff looking for internal information, to support staff looking to assist customers, to customers who prefer to quickly find information themselves. Everyone knows how search engines have changed the world over the past several years, ho…

Who Can Use a Knowledge Base

People often assume that knowledge bases and knowledge management systems are designed purely for organizations dealing with software or technology. Certainly many software organizations have their own knowledge management systems, however many do not. Also, any organization dealing with users or customers can benefit from knowledge management. Even organizations that have nothing to do with …

How to Begin a Knowledge Base

Creating a knowledge base might seem a daunting task initially, however there are several things that can help you get yours functional quickly and with minimal effort. Start with Frequent Questions Frequently asked questions are an excellent way to start any knowledge base, since this has the most dramatic impact on your readers, because the questions they are asking have likely been as…

Article Writing Guidelines  

When creating content in your knowledge base, we encourage you to come up with a consistent style and layout that can be used as a guide for your editors, to help them produce consistent looking content across your site. You should come up with your own style guidelines, and write them up somewhere that editors can easily access (such as in an internal knowledge base article) We've listed som…

Organizing Articles

Once you begin creating a knowledge base, one of the first questions you will generally ask yourself is how information should be organized and structured. Should it simply be a lengthy list of articles and hope your users find the one they are looking for by scrolling down a few pages? Or would it make more sense to organize the content into topics by category? Yes, we know this is a trick…

FAQs   5 articles