User Registration


Adding new users once you create your account can be done in one of two ways.

Manager User Creation

Staff Users with role permission can access the User Management Page of the Accounts Portal ( ) to see the Users List. This list displays all of the current users associated with your account, as shown in this example:

User List Example

Managers have the option of manually adding new users through this Users page by clicking the "Add User" button. When adding users this way, their passwords will not be assigned. Instead the system will send out an invitation email to the new user, allowing them to access a special link to set their own password. Once they have done so, they will be enabled as a user to the system.

Automatic User Registration

Alternatively, and perhaps more easily for the Managers, users can register with the account themselves, using the Register link shown on the knowledge base navigation menu.

This method allows new users to assign their own passwords (or sign in using their selected social media account) and also doesn't involve the Manager needing to enter each user's information.

Note that Automatic User Registration is only permitted if the account administrator has enabled this option (it is disabled by default). This can be changed in the Account Details Page of the Accounts Portal.

Whichever option is used to add new users to the account, there is another factor to consider - whether user approval is needed. By default all new users need to be explicitly approved after they join an account. This is to prevent unwanted users joining the system. Again this option can be changed to allow automatic approval in the of the Accounts Portal.

Once a user has been added to the system, a Staff user with role permission can optionally "approve" them and then assign the new user different User Roles and User Groups , as needed.